We offer mechanical design, product design & engineering and animatiom & graphics. Sectors we have worked in include machine design, rail transit, visual effects, commercial food service equipment and website design. We specialize in 3D design and development for products, parts & assemblies.
By utilizing the latest in CMM/ 3d digitizing, rapid prototypeing and 3D CAD technologies we are able to create exciting new designs or accurate reverse engineered reproduction parts. Our creative, effective and efficient product designs seperate us from average design work being done elsewhere.

Our previous experiences include projects such as these: Machine design for automated assembly machines, Sub assemblies and Systems Integration for rail transit cars, Pre-Visualization animation for feature films & TV commercials, Website design for small business & institutions, Custom Foodservice Equipment design uncluding designs for major fast food chains, Reproduction classic car parts utilizing revrese engineering and development for manufacture. We also design custom car parts.

Here are some really fun & functional designs......

Creative hardware designs in metal alloy.....Imaginehardwarze.com


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